Objectives & Strategy

  • To create a service delivery movement that keeps the customer
    in focus.
  • To be a think tank to drive best / next practices in service delivery,
    to measure and benchmark service levels across industries.
  • To evolve a self assessment and governance mechanism to set standards in service delivery.
  • To build and update a body of knowledge surrounding customer service and customer centricity.

The Custommerce Board has zeroed in on a four pronged strategy which will drive the industry towards the Custommerce objectives.

Strategy 1: Making Custommerce matter

Establish Custommerce as the most credible driver for revolutionizing service delivery.

Strategy 2: Custommerce advocacy partner eco-system

Leverage partnerships to accelerate momentum in the Custommerce arena and create an ecosystem of like-minded businesses.

Strategy 3: Fluency in Custommerce

Help organizations build Custommerce fluency for customer experience competence to a level that becomes a competitive advantage

Strategy 4: Raising customer experience standards

Raise the levels of service excellence.


“Great initiative by Servion. The passion and drive of the panelists makes me confident that this movement is well set on its journey to achieve the goal of CIM – CCO – CDE. Good luck to 'Custommerce'..”
Chandra Iyer, Senior Vice President & Head APAC, Firstsource Solutions Limited



Technology is an enabler for desired customer experiences

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