• “An ideal mix and match of issues and challenges of 'today’ and crystal ball gazing towards a futuristic ‘day after tomorrow' with discussions to bridge the gap”
    Kamal Bajwa, Chief Customer Operations Officer, Tata Sky
  • “A well-organized programme which had very interesting topics covered in a smooth manner for easy understanding and implementation.”
    Shashi Kumar, Chief Manager, State Bank of India
  • “True insights on what makes an organization the most successful in terms of retaining and creating customers in today’s competitive environment and the importance of ‘trust, delegation and commitment’.”
    Subhashish Das, Zonal Sales Manager - TICI
  • “Excellent Event! Great content and perspective shared which is very relevant to organizations. Keep it up!!”
    Samir Kale, Sales Director, BFSI, Sales
  • “I have attended lot of conferences but this was one conference where I felt every minute I spent there was worth it.
    The choice of speakers and the diversity in industries and experiences really broadened my perspective on serving customers better”
    Kiran Chandra Kalluri, Director – Talent Acquisition, Dell International Services
  • “A true platform for learning and sharing. The message that customer centricity though a softer aspect of business clearly impacts the bottom line irrespective of customer segments or industry was conveyed very appropriately. Time well spent and look forward to the next forum with the experts in the industry.”
    Ruby Sheriar, Sr. Vice President, Contact Centre, HSBC
  • “Great initiative by Servion. The passion and drive of the panelists makes me confident that this movement is well set on its journey to achieve the goal of CIM – CCO – CDE. Good luck to Custommerce.”
    Chandra Iyer, Senior Vice President & Head APAC, Firstsource Solutions Limited
  • “Some body had to get the word out and it happens to be Custommerce. Bravo and best wishes for customer centricity becoming the core of a services and products' organizations existence.”
    Sam Prasad, President & Customer Solutions, RediSolve
  • “While the presentations on the first day that I attended were very interesting and helpful, I thought we started to focus on overall customer service and not just customer interaction management.”
    Abhishake Mathur, Head Customer Service – IRPG - IPB, ICICI Bank
  • “It was an excellent forum to meet and discuss relevant topics with likeminded people. We should work towards making this forum a "Custommerce" movement which people cutting across industries not only contributing towards it to take it forwards but also actively using it for their benefit in their respective areas of work.”
    Ajay Guliya, Vice President – Business Development, Aegis BPO Services Ltd.
  • “It is fantastic forum and initiative of Servion. But I think this community should be increased beyond representatives from few companies and this can be done only making website as a platform for Custommerce to interact both the ways on regular basis and not once a year.
    Website should be developed with
    - Customer Related Information for Customer Education like Ombudsman, Consumer Courts, Customer rights, customer precautions, do's and don'ts etc.
    - Discussion Forum
    - White Papers
    - CRM related News
    - CRM related Complaints
    - CRM Awards
    - CRM Best Practices etc.”
    Vikas Dadooo, Divisional Manager– Web Marketing, Club Mahindra
  • “I am Wowed!! I can say without exception that many of us found Mr. Venkat Changavalli's talk very inspirational. 'Custommerce' is fast becoming a movement whose time has come. As for Servion who have been putting this all together, You way Overdelivered!”
    Thomas M. Daniel, Head – Policy Retention & Collections, Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • “Good Concept.
    Innovative Customer Centricity.
    Loved the EMRI and Farma Kiosk Concept of ITC.”
    Ravinder Jain, Vice President – Business Process Management, Vodafone Essar Ltd.
  • “Very well organized and the sessions were very useful. I particularly liked the encouragement given to participants to give their views.”
    Sharad Sharma, Sr. Vice President, Fullerton India
  • “Would like participants & examples from the FMCG domain.”
    Chand Das, SBU CEO, ITC Limited
  • “The EMRI session was absolutely outstanding.”
    Sonal Ramrakhiani, Sr. Manager, Tata Teleservices
  • “I am all in committed to take Custommerce movement forward with the organizers.”
    Sumit Sabharwal, Head – BFSI, Aegis BPO Services Ltd.
  • “Making top management give priority to this & listening to voice of customers being the two most important, we should think how to do it; how Custommerce can be catalyst.”
    R. Srivatchan, President – CCB, TVS & Sons Limited
  • “Increase case studies so the best practices can be shared.
    Recommendation: Create membership with profiles of people with common interest can share on a one to one basis
    It’s a great start to an exciting future in CRM practices to benefit companies & customers.”
    Deval Sheth, Business Head, Accor Services – Accentiv
  • “Custommerce is a form my perspective a movement – whose time has come. The forum is an ideal forum for meeting of minds with the sole objective of furthering customer experience and its true relevance to the Indian economy.”
    R. Madhivanan, Sr. General Manager, ICICI Bank
  • “Also would like to be part of any working committee that you may have. Thanks.”
    Mohan Kamath, Director Process Engineering, Dell International Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • “Please bring the usage of technology in the correct perspective, how it will benefit customer experience.”
    Rajendra Sawant, CIO, Adventity BPO India Pvt. Ltd.
  • “Bring in more diversity of industry – hospitality, airline, etc – make it 2 days of presentations in totally
    – Best practices. Thank you!”
    Sujatha Parthasarthy, Sr. Manager Remote Banking, First Gulf Bank
  • “What a great movement! An answer to regulatory bodies that we are customer centric & not just here to make money.”
    Sarju Kamda, Regional Service Head, Citiphone, Citibank
  • “Custommerce forum – should have mailing list
    Thank you Servion for lovely event
    Establish Middle East Custommerce Chapter
    Introduce a membership fee for Custommerce forum”
    Khalid F. Al-Khteb, Director of Board Member, Invita
  • “Helps gather a lot of learnings from around the globe in one forum. Keep doing the good job.”
    Samit Chowdhary, DGM CIG, Bharti Televentures Ltd.
  • “Inviting speakers with contrary points of view was an excellent idea. Fully addressed the adaptive challenges overcoming the temptation to address technical challenges. Good wholesome effort.”
    R. Muralidharan, Joint GM, ICICI Bank
  • “Great event organized by Servion.”
    Vivek Ahuja, Vice President Technology, Infovision Group
  • “Keep the good job going.”
    Sanjay Fernandes, Sr. Manager, Customer Solution Group, TTSL
  • “I have participated in Custommerce 2004 at Goa and Custommerce 2005 at Agra. I like to keep coming back to this event as I get an opportunity to network, understand industry trends and practices. Besides being a unique event, it gives me an annual break from work without feeling guilty about not being at work.”
    Rajesh Venugopal, Managing Director, Customer Line
  • “It was actually a pleasure to attend the conference; there were take-ways from the conference/presentation and discussion, which we are going to implement in our organization. This will lead to increase Customer Delight; personally I wish to be part of such conferences in future also.”
    Neeraj Sethi, Airtel India


Find out if there is any upcoming custommerce event in your city today. See the Custommerce Calendar.


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