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Custommerce is the only movement / forum in the country that works towards Customer Centricity. The foundation for this is CIM (Customer Interaction Management) that will enable organizations to become CCO (Customer Centric Organizations) and consequently, enable India’s evolution to a CDE (Customer Driven Economy).

Custommerce provides various opportunities for individual members to participate and showcase their customer centric strategies to the industry at large. The details of individual membership are as follows:


Any individual who is interested to be a part of Custommerce movement can apply for individual membership.

Fee structure

Academic membership INR 20,000
Individual membership INR 10,000
Student membership INR 500

  • For the first 2 years, the subscription fee for individual members
    is 20,000 INR
  • From 3rd year onwards, the subscription fee for individual members is 10,000 INR per annum

Please note that all payments have to be made by demand draft / cheque drawn in favour of ‘Custommerce’ payable at Chennai.


  • The annual subscription fee of new members joining after September in any year will be reduced to half the annual fees and those joining later than December in any financial year will be provided membership on complimentary basis for the financial year under reference, subject to their paying the necessary application and subscription charges for the subsequent year
    in advance
  • Custommerce board reserves the right to issue or cancel individual membership. All the decisions taken by the board are final and binding
  • After the termination of membership, at any point of time if an ex-member seeks Custommerce’s membership again, then they shall be subject to the same procedure as a new member

Membership dues

All membership dues are payable in advance for a financial year (April-March) in full and become due on the first of April each year and are payable before the end of April that year.

Revision of fees

The Custommerce board reserves the right to revise the fee structure, and such revision is not effected more than once in a 12-month period.

Termination of membership

  • On submission of the resignation in writing by the member which shall be put before the executive committee
  • On default of payment of subscription for 1 year
  • The board may adopt such rules as may be necessary from time to time by a special resolution for termination of membership and empower the committee to implement the same

Call us at +91 44 6108 4112 or write to us at Our members of board will be more than happy to meet with you and explain how Custommerce can redefine the service delivery landscape of your organization.


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