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Custommerce India Chapter 4 round-up

The central theme for the event was ‘Strategies for a Customer-Driven Economy’. Customer Interaction Management (CIM) is what Custommerce is working on to achieve higher satisfaction levels that will result in a Customer-Centric Organization and ultimately lead towards a Customer-Driven Economy.

At the event, held at Hyderabad, Custommerce worked at the CCO level – on strategies that enable organizations become customer centric. Keeping that in mind, Day 1 saw case study based learning, where organizations who have achieved a certain level of Customer Service and Customer Interaction, shared their challenges and strategies they adopted to overcome challenges and the results thereof. The workshop on Day 2 focused on cross linkages of various departments that come together to deliver quality customer service, weak links and action points thereof.

Dr. M. B. Athreya, Mentor of Custommerce in his presentation said that the Custommerce movement is a forum that brings together all three stakeholders of a customer experience – the consumer, the service provider and the technology provider. He added that Custommerce brings together the experience of management gurus, industrialists, practitioners, regulators and thought leaders with a mission to transform CIM through Customer Centricity for a Customer Driven Economy.

S Sivakumar from ITC Limited, made a presentation on 'Co-creating Rural Markets together with Customers'. Tying in the famed eChoupal initiative, he said that co-creation made it possible to continuously recontextualise products / services / experiences, as the customers evolve.

In his presentation'Customer Driving NPO - Dedicated to Customer Centricity', Venkat Changavalli, CEO of EMRI, stressed that customer service is what happens between the time the customer determines his or her needs and receives the desired benefits. The smoother we are able to help the customer navigate that path, the more satisfied we’ll make him or her.

In their presentation, 'Building a Customer Centric Organization
– Managing the Employee-Customer Encounter', Vibhas Ratanjee and Gitanjali Saksena of Gallup Consulting said that organisations require a combination of 'transactional' and 'transformational' interventions to facilitate the effective management of the employee-customer encounter. Transactional would include activities such as action planning and training, while Transformational activities would focus on how to engage customer-facing employees – select the right talent, and recognize and develop employees.


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