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Custommerce India Chapter 3 Round-up

Strategies for a Customer-driven Economy

A recent customer survey found 70% of the respondents stating that they rated their contact experience as the key determinant of the way they perceived the brand. And that all it took was one contact to form that perception. Unfortunately, most organizations pay little or no attention to enhancing customer experience at the contact level and as a result, stand to lose in the long run. Every time a customer gets in touch with an organization, there is an enormous opportunity to convert that interaction into a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. Making the most of these interactions / contacts however, requires the right processes and systems to be set in place.

At Custommerce India Chapter 3, held at Agra, three specific sessions examined Customer Contact and what goes into making that contact, (right from the options given to the customer to contact the organization, to the level of automated / personalized service, and to the processes organizations put in place). This was the overall concept that CUSTOMMERCE 2005 revolved around – Customer Contact. This was in line with the overall theme of the event 'Strategies for a Customer-driven Economy' and its importance to brand building and customer loyalty.

In his presentation 'The battle between Automation and Personalisation: How far and how much?', Suresh Shankar, CEO, RedPill Solutions, Singapore, said “If you’re not using analytics to drive your service strategy and create a truly customised experience, you’ll NEVER resolve the trade-off between customer experience and costs”. He suggested the use of caller-ID to both personalise the service encounter and increase efficiency. He went on to predict that Speech recognition will be the next big thing in simplifying the process of accessing information.

Presenting 'Service Process Innovation: Changing the Playing Field', Avron Barr of Aldo Ventures, argued that Innovation is possible only when the fundamental business processes are well understood and well managed and said that Innovation can be evaluated only when the fundamental processes are measured.

In her presentation 'Touch Points - The First Interface between You and Your Customer', Khong Bee of Great Eastern, declared that Customers don’t care, on a day to day basis about the human touch. What they want is speed and convenience. The issue is not technological progress but satisfying customer needs – Technology must be business driven.

Dr. M. B. Athreya, a well known Management Advisor, in his presentation 'Customer Response Enhancement', concluded by saying that the heart of a Total CR Model is a Customer Centric Culture.

S. Ramaswamy in his presentation 'Designed Customer Experience – The Differentiator', said "The Value of your Company is based upon the value of your present & future customer relationships – Your Customer Franchise”.


Technology is an enabler for desired customer experiences

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