• The customer is king. But where's his kingdom?
    The Hindu Business Line | September 21, 2011

    As I sit in the Custommerce National Convention listening to exotic concepts such as customer centricity, engagement, experience frameworks and multi-channel customer interactions, my mind started wandering. I can almost hear you saying "tell me another" but in my defence I must tell you that I was still staying in the customer experience realm but in my own selfish way, I was thinking about myself as a customer and my own experiences over the years...


  • Humble person, great brand
    The Hindu Business Line | August 19, 2011

    Mr N. R. Narayana Murthy is retiring from Infosys, the company that he founded (with a few of his friends), a company that he led to pre-eminence even as everyone is asking "Why" and not "Why not?". To a perpetual student of branding like me, Mr Narayana Murthy is the ultimate personal brand - demonstrating in no uncertain terms that people from the corporate world can as much be brands as people from sports or entertainment...


  • Service? What service?
    Shri. Ramanujam Sridhar CEO, Brand-Comm | August 11, 2011

    All of us are consumers and some of us are service providers and every consumer is different in her own way. Some of them are constantly teaching us a thing or two while most of us obstinately refuse to learn or change. Having made some dramatic statements that run the risk of sounding pompous, let me cut to the chase and to my own story and see if there is any learning...


  • Making the right start
    The Hindu Business Line | March 17, 2011

    A few weeks ago when I was in Mumbai, I visited the Palladium Mall in Phoenix Mills Compound in Parel. I had to spend some time waiting to meet someone. I was walking in the Mall and strolled into the Swarovski store. I happened to be the only person there. It gave me the chance to look at the jewellery undisturbed by other shoppers or store staff. Even after five minutes, with only a single customer in the store, not one staff member attended on me...


  • Time for the customer-centric sachet
    The Hindu Business Line | January 13, 2011

    Last week I went to IIT-Madras to arrange a talk about customer-centricity to the students. The campus is very different today, compared to the days when I studied there. It has many eateries and hangouts such as Cafe Coffee Day. Much against my teenage daughter's advice, I mobilised the courage to walk into Coffee Day. I ordered a puff. It was served with a sachet of ketchup. I seriously wondered how to open the sachet and apply a layer of ketchup on the puff without spilling it on my shirt...


  • Sellers Beware!
    The Hindu Business Line | February 23, 2007

    T.R. Gopalakrishnan recently dropped the nearly Rs. 1,000 worth of stuff he had picked up at a premier health and beauty products outlet in Chennai and walked out because as he was picking up chocolates a sales assistant asked him if he would like to try out their latest tummy trimming equipment. "I am sensitive about my weight. Her snigger as she asked me didn't help either," he says. "A shopping expedition for me is therapy and exercise, besides getting what I need," says Ruma, a mother of two from Kolkata...


  • Faking it?
    The Hindu Business Line

    When you hear the name Walt Disney, the first thing that may come to your mind is Mickey Mouse. And maybe the other characters associated with it. And the next – children's amusement, theme park, fun and frolic. While all of these are the right things to associate with Walt Disney, how many of us associate customer service with Walt Disney? Not many, I daresay. Why do I associate Walt Disney with customer service? Recently, I was at Tokyo Disney Sea. And this is my third visit to one of the Disney theme parks across the world...


  • I vs me – the customer service paradox
    The Hindu Business Line

    I slept and dreamt that life was joy,
    I awoke and saw that life was service,
    I acted and behold services was joy.
    – Rabindranath Tagore
    I have a split personality. I confess. On the other hand, I am a purveyor of customer service in my work life – I fondly hope I am a purveyor of good customer service...



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