The first ever index of Customer Experience

Custommerce has developed and introduced the first ever index to measure customer experience at the country, regional and industry / service category level. Called CINDEX, this metric will be the outcome of a comprehensive, annual, nationwide study to assess customer experience with individual brands at various levels of interaction. CINDEX will play an important role in sensitizing industry and consumers to the possibilities (and the gaps) in delivering great service.

CINDEX development and usage

CINDEX uses structured interviews with users of a particular product / service category to build the raw data required at various levels of aggregation. These interviews aim to capture the overall, experiential brand perceptions through responses to a limited set of widely accepted and acknowledged questions. The overall perceptions are then merged into a composite measure for each individual using Custommerce's proprietary model and aggregated thereafter at the category, regional and national levels.

The index is reported on a 0 to 100 scale. Examination of the variations in CINDEX across levels can identify areas of excellence and under performance. The drivers of CINDEX along with the variation in their performance provide tools to focus on corrective efforts. Consequently, users of CINDEX will be equipped to understand if the brand is fostering strong connections with the customer and the nature of these connections. Last year, the inaugural CINDEX surveyed and measured four categories – Mobile Phone Service, Bank Savings Account, Urban Public Bus Service and Urban Train (Metro) Service for loyalty / advocacy.

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