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The Custommerce National Convention 2014


Organizations - their brand, product and service have become part of our daily routine. Yet, some are more a part of our routine than the others. They transcend social, market and economic boundaries.

Iconic organizations address acute contradictions in society. By tapping into a collective desire or anxiety, they develop a status that transcends functional benefits. They challenge people, either directly or subtly, to reconsider accepted thinking and behavior. And then, they become a way of life. They affect the way business is done and in turn affect the economics of nations.

So, what distinguishes these organizations from the rest of the pack, and what can we learn from them?

Welcome to the 10th edition of the Custommerce National Convention 2014. Welcome to the world of ICONOMICS.

As the word suggests, the Custommerce National Convention this year will deal with Icons who have redefined the way they do business. Keeping in line with the lofty vision of The Custommerce Service Excellence Foundation of building a Customer Experience Driven Globally Competitive Indian Economy, we will deal with icons who have redefined business economics using iconic customer service, consequently delivering iconic customer experience.

Here are some broad themes that will be covered.

  • Icons who have built iconic brands and what they did differently to get to where they are. These could be people / company / product or service brands.
  • Icons who have dared to redefine performance metrics – who worry about for example, how to ensure that a service requirement is addressed no matter how long it takes. Or what the request was in the first place.
  • Icons who have ‘truly’ empowered their employees to go to any extent to ensure that a customer is serviced to their absolute satisfaction
  • Icons who have dared to buck convention and look at success (and bottomline) very differently
  • Icons who have made their business truly inclusive and touched the lives of millions of people through their product / service

Convention format

The National Convention is deliberately designed to offer participants not only the experience of learning, but experience hands-on, the power of executing the learning into action.

We will explore these themes from a commercial and non-commercial perspective. While the objectives may be the same, the methodologies and resources used could vastly vary. This will ensure that we allow for cross referencing. Cross referencing not only across verticals, but even across different kinds of businesses.

At the end of each session, participants will be invited to share their thoughts, summary of key lessons learnt and some takeaways that they will be able to implement / work on within their organizations.

Date: 23rd and 24th January 2014,
Venue: Marriott, Jaipur

To download the registration form click here. For any queries kindly contact Alex. V at alex.v@servion.com, 044 6108 4256